How do you send a gift from ABC Leksaker?

Posted on 2015-11-24 05:49
av Leigh Neil

Someone's birthday? A Christmas present for someone?

Here we show you how to order gifts from ABC Leksaker - as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Choose the products and put them in your cart
2) Choose gift wrapping, if desired
3) Select "andra betalningssätt" to pay by credit card

Read on for more details!

 Födelsedagståget - ett roligt sätt att fira dagenChoose the products and put them in your cart

We have tried to make it easy for you to find just the right gift!

Search by product type - You can start your search with what type of product you are looking for - leksaker (toys), pussel (puzzles), spel (games), barnrumsinredning (interior decoration), kreativa leksaker (creative toys), pedagogiska leksaker (educational toys) - or something for the youngest in our  de baby category.

Search by age - If your recipient is turning 5,  you can search only for products suitable for 5-year-olds - just clock on the blocks and you will come to a selection of age-appropriate products! 

However you begin your search, by category or age, you can then refine your search by category, age, brand... and interest. So if your recipient is crazy about dinosaurs, robots, farm animals, wild animals, etc., you can find something that is just perfect!

When you have found the product you would like, click on "Köp" and the product will go to your cart (varukorg). 

Presentinslagning - 3 inslagna presenter i grönChoose gift wrapping

We love to wrap presents! 

We have a wide range of wrapping paper - everything from polka-dots and stripes to paper with jungle animals, knights, owls and more! We do our best to see that the product is wrapped nicely.

Note: Remember to choose the correct number of gift wrapping - if you are sending 3 presents and you would like all of them to be wrapped, you need to choose three gift-wrapping items. 

If you don't want giftwrapping, no problem! We wrap all of our products in tissue paper, so the recipient will have a nice package to open. 

Välj andra betalningssätt och betala med kort om du vill skicka paketet till en annan mottagareChoose "andra betalningssätt" (NOT Klarna)


When you start the check-out process, Klarna is the first screen you come to.

Klarna is a Swedish company that sends invoices AND allows other payment methods. It is easy and quick, but to use it, you must be registered as a resident of Sweden. Also, Klarna does not allow delivery to an address other than the payee's. So if you are able to choose Klarna, you can ONLY have the package sent directy to you. 

Instead, at the top of the page, you will see a green button - andra betalningssätt. Click on it, and you will come to a second payment page specifically for credit card payments. Our card payments are processed with DIBS, a secure payment service. 

Now for the details...

1a) FAKTURAADRESS - this is you!

Fill in your details as best you can (country may not work...) and uncheck "Frakta till samma adress" (ship to the same address).

1b) LEVERANSADRESS - this is the recipient.

In most cases in Sweden, the package will come to a local post office representative (petrol/gas station, grocery store) and the recipient will pick up the package there. However, the recipient MUST SHOW ID to pick up their package, in most cases. Please remember that the recipient of the package should be an ADULT with a valid ID card. Most children do not have ID, and the package will not be able to be delivered. 

And one more thing... the Swedish Post is very careful about distributing their packages. The name on the package must match the name on the ID card of the person picking it up. So no nick names - please! If the recipient is named Alexander, don't write Alex. If their name is Cecilia, don't write Cicci. And if their last name is Gustafsson, don't write Gustavsson. Each of these is a real example of a customer who was unable to pick up their package because the name did not match.

Please help your recipient to receive your package! 




Here you can write any further details about the package. such as, "To Anna - Happy Birthday from Aunt Suzie", or "Please use pink ribbon," or "Please wrap the puzzle in green paper and the race car in strpied." and so on We will do our best to see that the package arrives according to your wishes. 


Here is an overview of your order before you confirm payment. Then click on:


and you will be sent to DIBS for secure card payment. There, you enter in your credit card details...

... and your package will soon be on its way! 


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